ZeroLag MACD Indicator

ZeroLag MACD Indicator

It is ZeroLag MACD is a technical forex trend trading tool for the MetaTrader platform. This MACD custom indicator creates trend alerts, which are utilized to evaluate intra-day as well as long-term trading opportunities.

In addition to trend following entries, the indicator can be used to identify swing trading patterns. In addition, you can use its MACD alerts to comb through candlestick patterns to identify those candlesticks that have the greatest chance of success.

In addition, understanding these signals is easy and can be used by novice traders and experts with years of experience. Beginners to trend following traders can find this tool very useful when it comes to understanding the bearish and bullish forces behind market trends.

ZeroLag MACD Indicator

How can I use this ZeroLag MACD Trend Alert to trade Forex instruments?

ZeroLag MACD analyzes the bearish and bullish aspects of market trends by using three separate EMAs, each with different parameters. It uses the 12-Fast EMA and the 24-Slow EMA as well as the 9-period signal EMA to calculate the MACD. MACD values.

The indicator uses the same kind of formula that is used to calculate MACD volume. In this case, it subtracts the slower EMA (24 times) from the faster EMA (12 intervals) to determine its MACD value. In the next step, it activates the 9-period signal EMA to smooth the MACD trend.

The momentum of the market trend is determined by the positivity/negativity of the MACD values. For example, a MACD histogram bar moving above the zero line indicates a bullish trend. When the market trend turns negative, the histogram bars begin to decrease and fall below the zero line.

In addition to the histogram bars, inside the window of this indicator there is also the moving average slope in red. It shows the true value of MACD. Therefore, you should wait patiently until both the histogram bar and the signal EMA cross the zero line to get a better confirmation of the trend. For example, the histogram bar is turning positive, but the signal EMA has not yet fully crossed the zero line. This indicates that the market is trending upward, but it has not been confirmed. When both the bar chart and the signal EMA turn positive, we consider the market trend to be bullish and will look for buying opportunities.


Zero lag MACD can be considered a versatile momentum indicator. It is suitable for any type of online trading instrument, including commodities, stocks, forex and more. In addition to providing momentum signals, it also helps to predict market movements using its bar chart.


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